Friday, April 17, 2009

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am considering submissions for a special issue
of Fairy Tale Review right now. The Red Issue, the sixth issue of the journal, will include
work based on those tales that belong to the Little Red Riding Hood variant. (So I'm
considering only manuscripts that somehow relate to that tale type.) If you are familiar
with the journal, you will know that the term 'based on' is very open-ended. I'm
interested in manuscripts that work from LRRH elliptically or directly; formally or via
motif; and so on. More details can be found at
I'm likely to extend the reading period slightly. The Red Issue will be in print in Fall 2010
(so work must remain previously unpublished by that time, i.e. if it is to appear in a book
before then I can't consider it--I know, I have a very long production period, sorry). Past
contributors to Fairy Tale Review include Marina Warner, Kim Addonizio, Arielle
Greenberg, Donna Tartt, Stacey Richter, Lydia Millet, Sarah Hannah, Kellie Wells, and
many others. Work from the journal has been included in Best New American Writing,
Best American Fantasy, The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, and listed as notable
in Best American Short Stories.

Thanks for thinking of FTR as a possible home for your newest poetry or prose.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thursday, April 2, 2009

class in acoustic poetry

april 2009 to march 2010

the mediation of acoustic poetry has a long tradition in the history of
the schule für dichtung ('vienna school of poetry'), or sfd. in the
course of its 15-year existence, authors, sound poets and sound artists
such as ernst jandl, gerhard rühm, henri chopin, sainkho namtchylak and
curd duca -- to name but a few -- have all taught at the school, giving
instruction in the theory and practice of a wide variety of directions
and subgenres of acoustic poetry.

now, in 2009/10, the sfd is offering its first-ever class in acoustic
poetry, in the form of regular workshops that explore the various
possibilities of making literary combinations of language, voice,
writing and sound. the workshops will provide a thorough grounding in
the practice, history and theory of acoustic poetry, and also
investigate multimedia approaches, the basis of text-sound composition,
live performance and recording and studio technology.

together with the class teachers, the participants will not only design
a performance evening but, as a conclusion of the five-part series of
workshops, also produce a cd in a professional recording studio.
renowned authors and sound artists will be invited to join the programme
as guest speakers.
the locations, computers, audio software and audio equipment will be
provided by the sfd.

class teachers:

christoph amann

* 1961
after visits to southern england and instrumental studies at the
conservatory of feldkirch, he completed the first part of his medical
studies at the university of vienna, before studying computer music at
the university of music and the performing arts in vienna. involvement
in various cultural initiatives (incl. the co-founding of the music
venue 'flex' and the freien radios wien ('free radio of vienna'). since
1992 he has been responsible for the sound and image archive, as well as
sound engineering, at the literaturhaus in vienna. since 1995 he has run
his own sound studio in the 7th district of vienna.

juergen berlakovich

* 1970
author and sound artist. studies of german philology, philosophy and
theatre science. performances, texts, music (also for films), radio
plays, sound essays and audio caricatures. employs language, among other
things, as the starting point for electronically produced compositions
and improvisations. co-initiator of the music and literature performance
project "sergej mohntau" ( member of the
"gemüseorchesters" (

mia legenstein

* 1979
study of music science. certificate of the sae institute: electronic
music producer.
member of the sound poetry duo "legéNi" (installations, performances,
sound poetry theatre); co-founder of a sound artist collective (sound
studio in "k48", 1070 vienna): electronic sound installations,
performances, appearances as live artist and dj in austria and abroad;
training: phonetics, singing, performance, courses at the sfd and on
various instruments.

jörg piringer

* 1974
works as a freelance artist and academic in the fields of electronic
music, radio art, sound poetry, visual poetry, interactive collaborative
systems, online communities, performance, sound installations, computer
games, video art and poetic software. member of the "gemüseorchesters"
( institut für transakustische forschung ('institute for
transacoustic research')


5 blocks of approx 18 hours of teaching, each lasting from thursday
evening to sunday afternoon

in addition: private tutorials

1st block:
30. 4. - 3.5.2009

2nd block:
11.6. - (13.)14.6.09

3rd block:
3.9. - 6.9.09

4th block:
19. - 22.11.09

5th block:
18.2. - 21.2.2010 (+ final presentation)

march 2010: cd presentation

(stand: march 2009)

registration fee: 500,- €

limited no. of places available

teaching language: german (english)

registration form: online soon


Monday, February 2, 2009

Fairy Tale Review, The Red Issue

"Little Red Riding Hood was my first love. I felt that if I could have
married Little Red Riding Hood, I should have known perfect bliss."
--Charles Dickens

Ah, that famous quote by Charles Dickens! So wrong, and yet so right.
The Red Issue will be Fairy Tale Review's sixth annual issue and, as the
color suggests, will be as as devoted to Little Red Riding Hood as was dear
Mr. Dickens. This is will be the journal’s first truly themed issue and we
welcome your newest and brightest writing to it. As usual we do not offer
further guidelines for your submissions or word count limits. The best way
to get a sense of what is possible is to look at a back issue. We are open
to all forms, all styles, all manner of thinking.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Workshop
@ UC San Diego

June 28 – August 8, 2009
Applications accepted January 2 – March 1

Clarion is an intensive six-week summer program focused on the
fundamentals particular to the writing of speculative fiction. Since
its inception in 1968, Clarion has been considered a premier proving
and training ground for aspiring writers of science fiction, fantasy,
and horror. Instructors are among the most respected writers and
editors working in the field today. Over one third of our graduates
have been published and many have gone on to critical acclaim.

Clarion is a short story workshop. Participants are selected from
applicants who have the potential for highly successful writing
careers and who submit writing samples with an application. Adults of
all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Scholarships are available. Limit 18-20 participants.


Holly Black
The Spiderwick Chronicles

Larissa Lai
When Fox is a Thousand

Robert Crais
Chasing Darkness

Kim Stanley Robinson
The Years of Rice and Salt

Elizabeth Hand
Generation Loss

Paul Park
A Princess of Roumania

For more details, visit

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The National Poetry Series (NPS) and mtvU, MTV’s 24-hour college network,
are pleased to announce a first-of-its kind opportunity. In 2008, NPS will team up
with mtvU—the definitive college network for students at universities across the
country—as they begin an earnest promotion of poetry to the campus audience.
For the first time, one of NPS’ five annual titles will be designated as a booklength
manuscript written by a college student. The 2008 winning book chosen to
be published by HarperCollins also will be the recipient of The National Poetry
Series mtvU Prize. The winning student will have the opportunity to interview
the poet / judge representing HarperCollins and mtvU in 2008, Pulitzer Prizewinner
Yusef Komunyakaa, for an episode of the mtvU series “My Shot With….”
“All of us involved in the publication of poetry like to talk about ‘expanding the
audience for poetry,’ and ‘reaching the next generation,’” said Daniel Halpern,
Founder and Director of The National Poetry Series. “Mostly it’s been just that:
talking about it. This union between The National Poetry Series and mtvU
provides the chance to do both – by giving college students the opportunity to
publish a book with a large trade publisher, and offering their peers a volume of
poetry written by one of their own.”
“We know the Pulitzer Prize-winning poets of tomorrow are in our audience
today,” said Ross Martin, Head of Programming, mtvU, “and we’re extremely
proud to partner with Yusef Komunyakaa and the prestigious National Poetry
Series to help catapult one outstanding young poet from the classroom to
national acclaim.”
Established in 1978, The National Poetry Series is a literary awards program
dedicated to bringing meaningful poetry to publication. To date, 140 books have
been sponsored by NPS, in collaboration with the accomplished poets who have
served as judges and a distinguished roster of trade, university, and small press
mtvU is MTV’s on-air, online and on campus college network – for and by college
students. The network is broadcast to nearly 7.5 million students on more than
750 campuses. As a national platform for the best student-created work, mtvU
offers students numerous opportunities to jump-start their careers and places a
focus on issues they care about most – including stopping the genocide in


Darfur, great emerging music, political and social activism, landing their dream
job and more. mtvU is dedicated to promoting the arts on campus and amplifying
college students’ cultural impact, maintaining partnerships with the Fulbright
program, New York Times, National Academy of Arts and Sciences, Tribeca Film
Festival and many others as part of this effort.
Submissions for The National Poetry Series mtvU Prize will be accepted
beginning later this winter as outlined in the NPS guidelines posted on The winning manuscript will be published in 2008
as part of the NPS’ 30th anniversary series.
For more information and guidelines, please contact
Stephanie Stio, The National Poetry Series,
57 Mountain Avenue, Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: 609.430.0999 Fax: 609.430.9933
For additional information about mtvU, please contact
Jason Rzepka, head of communications, mtvU
Phone: 212.654.7198 E-mail:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

fun syllabus by Lisa Jarnot (check out her poems)

Pattern Poetry
Spring 2009

Suggested Readings:

An Anthology of Concrete Poetry. Ed. Emmett Williams, Something Else Press, 1967.

Pattern Poetry. Ed. Dick Higgins.

Concrete Poetry: A World View. Ed. Mary Ellen Solt.

Jan 18 Phonetic Patterns: transcribe one of your poems using International Phonetic Alphabet, color code the patterns and create a visual work out of the result (a painting, rug, sweater, etc. Read excerpts of Mary Carruthers The Craft of Thought: Meditation, Rhetoric, and the Making of Images, 400-1200.

Jan 25 Simple Scaffolds: Acrostics, Telestics, and Mesostics.

Feb 1 Early Western Pattern Poetry: Greek and English Eggs and Altars, including George Herbert’s The Temple. Assignment: Compose a poem sequence that is a house or a sanctuary.

Feb 8 Viewing Day: Visit to the Metropolitan Museum: Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Cuneiform, Islamic Rugs. Make your own language. Take the pattern of a Persian rug and use it as the formula for a poem. Suggested reading: The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry by Ernest Fenollosa.

Feb 15 Eastern Pattern Poetry: the Wife-of-a-Chinese-Court-Official-Composes-a-40,000-Direction-Invective-Poem. Write a pattern poem/maze that can be read in multiple directions. (See also Raymond Queneau's “One Hundred Thousand Billion Sonnets”).

Feb 22 Rebuses, magic spells, and lapidary inscriptions. Read excerpts of the Greek Anthology.

Mar 1 Mathematical Poems: An Overview of Oulipo. The 20 Consonant Poem.

Mar 8 Musical Patterns: The Cancrizan. Compose a cancrizan and perform it w/ voice and/or instruments.

Mar 15 Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Poor. Old. Tired. Horse., Little Sparta.

Mar 22 Works by B. P Nichol, Hannah Wiener, Ward Tietz, and Bill Luoma’s Swoon Rocket and other poems.