Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2 Events on Campus Having to Do with Class

Should you already be finished with your midterms:

Beyond the Souvenir Shop
Lecture by Christopher Olszewski

Sainer Pavillion
Wednesday March 19, 2008
7 p.m.

Christopher Olszewski is an active member of the Chippewa of Mnjikaning First Nation, his work is from the creative visual language of the Northern Woodland people. Rooted in western painting traditions, as well as being trained in the modernist/postmodernist philosophy of art. Olszewski is fascinated with the ancient Native American world and how it interacts with current times. His paintings develop the Native American image "beyond the “Souvenir Shop” and depict actual people struggling with the encroachment of the dominant contemporary culture. Juxtaposing images of United States currency, automotive brands, and professional sports logos with images of Native Americans in ordinary settings the artist develops a consciousness of a thriving culture beyond the caricature. Olszewski's paintings weave an intricate line between propaganda and advertising with an emphasis on the abuse of the word LIBERTY.

You've seen the posters around campus, but what's most germane to this course is the way he is turning commerce -- particularly quasi-language -- into art for a political end.

Then, too, there's my reading at 6 pm in the WRC with visiting poet Linda Russo! I'll be reading from my chapbooks (they are free online!!!), Linda will be reading from MIRTH, her excellent new book from Chax Press.

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