Friday, March 14, 2008

Katrina Bang is ready to consider sending a work she was unable to circulate for comment (color reproduction concerns) for publication, and asked for recommendations of places.

Due to the content, which is visual and written both, I recommend it be submitted as art.

She might consider feminist journals. While the response time is longer, the audience is very responsive.

13th Moon, on the web at, edited in the past by Judith Johnson and Marilyn Hacker (look 'em up!), from SUNY Albany (Johnson is now emeritus from there, I think?)

Calyx,; note how, in the submissions guidelines, submissions of art (rather than poetry) are almost always open!

Kalliope is a really nice feminist journal of longstanding edited out of Florida!
Since we haven't had the opportunity to discuss this during workshop, but SHOULD take the time, I want to mention that I *NEVER* endorse entering *ANY* writing contest which charges a fee. Ideosyncratically, I do occasionally enter the National Poetry Series and similar book prizes. If you read this... ask in workshop!

More soon, including visual poetry journals...

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